Celebrating the Birthday of America’s (Most Unique) Secretary of State

Photo Credit to AP

In honor of Hillary Clinton’s recent birthday, The Huffington Post compiled a list of 65 reasons (from the ridiculous to the impressive) why Hillary Clinton is a woman to love and admire. Some of the best include:

7. She loves adventure – and she’s not afraid to get her hands dirty.After graduating from college in 1969, she worked her way across Alaska by washing dishes in Mount McKinley National Park and sliming salmon in a fish processing cannery in Valdez.

11. She was the only woman on the Nixon impeachment legal team.

 43. She’s the most-traveled Secretary of State in history. According to Condé Nast Traveler, she will have clocked over one million miles by the time her term is over.

54. She helped launch the Women in Public Service Project, a venture between the State Department and several all-female colleges, to encourage women to enter public service. The group’s goal is for women to achieve parity in government jobs by 2050.

Read the whole list here.


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