Monday Link Mania!!!

There comes a time in every blogger’s life when the amount of media that deserves to be discussed overwhelms eating, working, and sleeping hours. This isn’t a cop out, it is merely acknowledging that one person can only do so much, and even insightful yet snarky comments have their limitations. It is with this preface that I give you Monday Link Mania!!! (with exactly three exclamation points and the promise that this is only a working title). These are articles that are worth more than a glance:

Feminist Ryan Gosling
Tumblr image from Feminist Ryan Gosling

Apparently subsisting on a diet of Cheetos and naan PB&J sandwiches might work out as 80% of centenarians are women

Hillary Clinton fanboys/fangirls have an unexpected reason to rejoice

Rape as an advertising technique (speaks for itself)

Pro-life license plates deemed unconstitutional. Who exactly thought government issued pro-life license plates were at all viable?


One thought on “Monday Link Mania!!!

  1. Guys who rest around are observed as “players” and that is seen positively amount men.
    Girls who rest around are seen as “sluts”. It seems kind of unfair, and feels
    like a double regular.

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