The Cost of Being a Woman

Credit to Ashley Tyler
Credit to Ashley Tyler

An interesting article from Jezebel discussing the costs, both fiscal and otherwise, or being a woman today. Titled “A Cost/Benefit Analysis of Modern ‘Womanhood’” the article details the pros and cons of the choices women are expected to make.

When a man grooms beyond a basic shower he is exceeding expectations. A woman who does a comparable amount of grooming is, especially in a professional setting, unforgivably sloppy. The cost of makeup is obvious. In any given woman’s lifetime, she will spend hundreds or even thousands of dollars on daily beautification measures. More than that however, applying makeup every morning or before every night out is conducive to an extreme loss of time. The article states, “By some counts, you spend an average of one hour and 12 minutes per day, or three whole years of your life getting ready. That’s a full day-and-a-half per year. More conservative looks estimated 136 days out of a lifetime spent doing the lady dance.”

On a day-to-day basis, taking the time to accommodate social expectations of femininity seems manageable. However, 136 days to three years amounts to an insane amount of time that could be spent learning, travelling, or just having fun that doesn’t require large amounts of makeup.

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