Equal Pay Day: Celebrate by Educating

Credit to YWCA
Credit to YWCA

Every April on Equal Pay Day, we as a society are reminded of how little we have to celebrate. Don’t get me wrong, women have taken astounding strides forward in the workplace, but the fact that women are still demanding equal pay is absolutely ridiculous. Institutionally sponsored sexism is pervasive, and every year we watch as women are paid less for performing the exact tasks as men. Perhaps equal pay is still an issue because the inherent injustice of what our society promotes has not been stated in a simple enough manner: Businesses are discriminating on the arbitrary basis of anatomy. Preference for a certain type of genitalia overshadows work experience, skillset, and personality in determining wages. Studies have shown that all things equal, men are paid significantly more simply because they are men.

So to “celebrate” Equal Pay Day, here are some of the best resources to educate yourself and illustrate where substantial change must still be made:

Gender Wage Gap For Immigrants

Seven Steps to Close the Wage Gap

What Causes the Gender Wage Gap

Wage Gaps by Occupation

Removing Barriers for Women Means More Productivity


Fast Facts

What Women Could Do With a Closed Wage Gap


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