Pending Legislation, Pending Impacts on Women

The last couple of weeks in Wisconsin have been a whirlwind of legislative activity as policy makers in the Capitol prepare to finalize the state budget. State legislators have also proposed a long list of bills sure to have an impact on how Wisconsin women access health care, receive public services, and much more.  Here is a list of some of

"Forward" at the Wisconsin State Capitol. Photo by James Steakley.
“Forward” at the Wisconsin State Capitol. Photo by James Steakley.

the pending legislation you should be aware of, the current status of these bills, and links to resources/discussion on their impacts.  Whenever possible, we will update this post as the status of these bills changes. Be sure to follow us on Facebook and Twitter for updates as they happen.

Wisconsin State Budget: Passed the Legislature’s Joint Finance Committee on June 5th and will now go on the Senate and Assembly floors for debate and passage.

Bills Related to Access to Reproductive Care

Senate Bill 206 Mandates ultrasounds on women seeking abortions in Wisconsin. Also requires that clinics providing abortions have admitting privileges at a hospital within a 30 mile radius of the clinic.  Status: Passed the State Senate on June 12th; passed the State Assembly on June 13th. Now goes to Governor Walker for signature. Related:

Assembly Bill 216/SB 202 – Bans insurance coverage of abortions for employees on the state group insurance plan. Allows employers to deny insurance coverage of contraception for religious reasons. Status: Passed the State Assembly on June 13th; public hearing held on June 5th for senate companion bill, SB 202; Senate has not voted on this bill.

Assembly Bill 217 – Allows for civil liability and penalty in instances of sex-selected abortion. Status: Passed the Assembly on June 13th.

Bills Related to Domestic Violence:

Some good newsIn aftermath of spa shooting, Assembly discusses domestic violence bills

Not-so-good news: AB 183/SB 179 – Permits landlords to evict victims of crime if a crime occurs on their property. The Wisconsin Coalition Against Domestic Violence has raised concerns that this could silence victims of domestic abuse or sexual assault. Status: AB 183 passed the Assembly on June 6th and was referred to  Senate Committee on Insurance and Housing on June 11th.

Please share anything we may have missed in the comments.


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